For every gorgeous woman, there is a jewel. But for those seeking something unique, classy, and with a hint of audacious style, there is only one source. That source is Fiona, the curator of the most elegant and embellished Jewelry that has been carefully selected for its ethical and environmentally responsible origin.

Today, after more than 14 years at the pinnacle of the luxury Jewelry industry, Fiona continues to push the boundaries of ever-greater innovation and excellence not only in India but in the US too.

Being pioneers in Jewelry manufacturing and the largest selling brand for Moissanites & Grown Diamonds in India since 2004 with 14 retail outlets, we could take this opportunity to showcase our passion for Jewelry creation in the USA by combining Moissanites & Grown Diamonds.

All Fiona Jewelry which sells in the US is 100% manufactured within the US to ensure employment in the US and timely deliveries with a remarkable finish. Designed and curated by an in-house team, everything in the collection is a limited edition or one-of-a-kind.

Our mission is to make Moissanite and Grown diamonds the symbol of purity, beauty and true love forever by being at the forefront of science and technology. We are passionate about cultivating a more trustworthy, transparent, humane and sustainable jewelry industry.

Fiona Promise

We take great pride in assuring that all Moissanites & Grown Diamonds studded in our Jewelry is vigilantly checked for its quality and certification. Our lifetime warranty on the Lustre & Brilliance of the jewels will make sure that they keep shining like you. All pieces of Jewelry are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity for its quality.

Fiona jewels are ecologically friendly as they do not scar the earth with mining and avoid the stigma of blood-diamonds. Most importantly, they are more uniform and beautiful than earth-mined diamonds.

We promise to deliver exquisite Jewelry pieces, so as to create highly desirable designs & experiences that surpass our customer’s expectations.